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Drone Safety

Remote Pilot Flight Training

Class Registration Details:
Instructor:Raul Salazar Ph. D.
Location: Main Campus, Fort Pierce, Y-108 and adjacent field
Dates:April 13, 2019
Times:9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Students should bring their own drone
Cost: $79.00
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Course Description:

Whether this is your first time flying a drone or have some experience, this 6-hour hands-on flight class will teach you how to properly prepare for your first flight and stay airborne.

Safety comes first while you develop the skills necessary to become a proficient pilot.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Describe basic flight maneuvers
• Describe the pre-flight check
• List flight drone flight modes
• List emergencies
• Describe takeoff and landing
• Describe drone basic controls
• Describe a mission specific drone flight

Topics covered: Drone Basics, Basic Aerodynamics, System Overview, System Setup, Power System, Propulsion and Maneuvering, Flight Walk-through, Positioning and Navigation , Starting the App and Connecting to the drone, Command and Control system, Starting the App and the Control System, System status and flight mode, GPS Satellites/Link, Turn the drone on and system check (pre-flight check), Compass Calibration, Battery levels, Verifying system settings and status, Map/Flight telemetry , Startup and takeoff, Inflight control commands, Landing and shutdown procedures, Landing with tail wind, Landing with cross wind, Emergencies: Situations and procedures, Loss of control link, Fly Away Disorientation, Low battery, Gusty winds and turbulence , Mission specific maneuvers, Photography flying, Inspection flying, Speed and maneuvers for specific missions, Intelligent flight modes, Course lock, Home lock, Autonomous flight with pilot supervision, Tips and flight management.

Experience Instructor and Certified Drone Pilot Raul Salazar, Ph.D.

Bring your own Drone and Learn How to Fly!

Target Audience:
Anyone who wants to learn how to fly a UAS as a hobbyist or for commercial purposes

Course Details:
  • Course Type: Continuing Education Institute, Licensing & Certifications
  • Length: Minimum of 6.00 hours
  • Format: Hands On Workshop
  • SIGN UP TODAY! Limited Seating! For more information Call Toll FREE 1.888.283.1177
  • Classes presented by the CCTI@IRSC are for personal enrichment, professional certification and licensing or continuing education purposes only. They do not qualify for college credit and therefore are not eligible for discounts, Florida pre-paid, State tuition waiver programs or funding for college level classes.

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