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Information Security for End Users

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Information security plays an important part in the daily work of all users, from the office user to the remote user, regardless of their role in the organization. Making sure that your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, PDA, or tablet is secured is essential in today's ever-changing business world whether you're working in your office, at home, in a hotel, or on the go. E-mail has become the most used communications medium in corporate networks today, with this high usage, comes an ever increasing need to understand the security considerations involved and how the end user can help in making sure E-mail security is maintained. Social networking, and the use of social media websites has added another level of complexity to network security as users are able to open security holes if the wrong type of information is made public. Protecting information and computer systems against malicious attacks is paramount for any organization, and every end user, regardless of their job role, has a responsibility to use their desktop computer and mobile devices safely.

This program includes a course on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Using your Desktop Computer and Mobile Devices Safely
  • Using E-mail, the Internet, and Social Media Safely in a Corporate Environment

Target Audience:
Everyone in an organization, regardless of job role, who uses computing devices and the Internet.

Course Details:
  • Course Type: eLearning
  • Length: Minimum of 3.00 hours
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